Jumat, 13 Agustus 2010

Meet Your Match

In this clever trick, freely selected cards, magically find their mate.
Effect: Two cards are freely (yes, freely) selected and inserted face up in the deck in two different places. Magician runs through the deck and drops the face-up selected card and the face-down card next to it, on the table.When the face-down cards are turned face up, they are seen to be the mates of the selected cards in color and value.
Set-up: Put deck in “Best Friends” order. See below.
Performance: Spread the deck and have a card selected. Cut all cards above selected card to the bottom. Have card removed and replaced on the top of the deck, face up. Undercut half the deck and peek at the bottom card. If it is a mate to the selected card, remember that the selected card is a before card. If it is not a mate, the selected card is an after card. Drop the cards in your right hand on top of the face up card.
Repeat this 2 or 3 times; if you do it more times than that, it can be hard to remember what cards are what. Now run through the deck. When you hit an after card, drop it and the card after iton the table. When you hit a before card, drop it and the card before it onthe table. Flip over the cards, and they match. Be sure to explain the mate concept before you flip over the cards.
Features: Cards cut as often as you like
Cards are freely chosen, no forces of any kind
Does not work on Rainbow Deck principle
Best Friends Order The deck is simply set up in pairs by value and color. Put the two red kings together, the two black twos, the two red jacks, etc. You can cut this deck all you want. The Best Friends effect wont be affected if a pair are separated, one on top and one on bottom. With another cut the order will right itself. 


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